Nigeria: Kano And 2011 Election - Shekarau Record And ANPP

6 November 2009

By Saka Raji Audu

According to Napoleon, the last trick of a devil is to pretend to be dead. This statement is applicable to some known traducers of Shekarau administration that have deliberately refused to appreciate the ongoing radical transformation in Kano state. Some of these sadists are outside Kano and have never been to the state to acquaint themselves with the various achievements of the government since it was popularly voted to power in 2003 and 2007. Even the few rabble rousers that live in Kano have not been able to come into terms with their conscience by accepting the undisputable fact that indeed the Shekarau led ANPP administration has creditably performed. 

Consequently, the foes cannot in all honesty deny the undisputable fact of Shekarau's enviable records, which when compared to their time; the difference will be so much overwhelming. At the beginning, they claimed that Shekarau could not smell Government House because he was a poor teacher. To their bewilderment, Shekarau proudly won. Later, they blindly argued that Shekarau would not win the second term election because it was a taboo in their strange belief that Kano does not produce two term governor. In order to actualize this belief at all costs, Shekarau's traducers employed all sorts of funny and dubious tactics such as blackmails, malicious publications and political mischievousness to achieve their vaulting but treacherous desire. 

The power of the so called biggest political party in Africa was drafted to descend heavily against Shekarau's second term governorship like using a sledge harmer to kill a mosquito. In spite of this various voodoo attempts by opposition in the state and other pockets of mechanism of conspiracies outside the state, Shekarau was able to rise, shine, come out unscathed and emerged stronger than ever before.  

Today, Shekarau is almost completing his third of four years second term in office. Those that are aware of the political terrain of Kano know pretty well that it takes hard work, sincerity of purpose, prayers and solid achievements for Shekarau and his ANPP administration to achieve these unsurpassed noble feats in Kano. For those that want to know and see the truth should go to Kano and see the changing face of the state under the miracle of a man that is so desirous in making life good for his people. Even prominent oppositions and social critics could not hide their feelings but to say the truth as they have seen it in Kano under Shekarau administration.  

The ongoing beautiful road networks, the rural electrification of villages, the distribution of transformers, the social reforms, the increase in the children school enrolment, the transformation of the business outfits, the hospitality of visitors in the state, the drastic reduction in the number of Almajirais through Tsangaya project, the restoration of the dignity and respect for the traditional rulers, which hitherto, were completely neglected, the reinstatement of medical personnel, science-based teachers and civil servants that were hitherto sacked based on their origin, etc are all what makes Shekarau administration solid and assuring. 

It is therefore, not surprising that the likes of Professor Wole Soyinka, Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu, Professor Dora Akunyili, Chief Ayinloola of the ICPC, Prince Abubakar Audu of Kogi State, Chief Ume-Ezeoke, the NUJ, the NBA and host of others have transparently spoken well and genuinely appreciated the good works of Governor Shekarau in Kano State. The tremendous influx of people into Kano on daily basis, and staying peacefully to do their lawful businesses speaks in volumes of how Shekarau government has won the hearts of people. 

At a time, the PDP zonal Chairman of North-west had wished that Shekarau was in PDP so that his political party can claim responsibility of Shekarau's enviable outstanding performances. Still, the National Chairman of PDP, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor has also in recent time confirmed to the world that his party is envious of Kano under the Shekarau led ANPP administration. Ogbulafor therefore, vowed to do whatever it is possible, including not limited to financial inducement to claim Kano and her wonderful dividends of democracy in 2011 election. The good people of Kano are however now conscious of this plan and would be on guard to jealously and religiously guide their votes when the D-day comes.  

In spite of all these, nobody is saying that Shekarau has recorded hundred per cent in every ramification, as no one but God is infallible. Still, the fact remains that considering the socio-economic and political transformation recorded from May 29, 2003 to-date by the God-fearing Governor Shekarau, he really deserves the supports and commendations that he has been receiving from the good people of Kano and other Nigerians across the world.  

It is however normal for oppositions in the state that are fully aware and have been recipients of Shekarau's good governance in Kano State to also dream of wearing the same crown. In order to go about this dream, the opposition wants to pretend to the people that Shekarau 'has not done any thing' by using falsehood and other political manipulations. As I said, the people of Kano are more than ever ready to jealously and religiously guide their votes to avoid any act of political robbery and vote snatching when the 2011 election comes. The people are not unmindful of the fact that a man who wants enjoyment but does not work hard is susceptible to stealing and manipulation. They also know that if the Shekarau led ANPP government had not continued for her second term, the level of achievements and consolidations made so far would not have been possible.  

We have heard from the horse's mouth of the main opposition in the state. It appears that there would be no respect for superior argument as 2011 beckons. This is why the plan to take over Kano and Lagos at all costs is now being nurtured as early as two years to the general election time. Perhaps, the earlier announcement of such dubious plan would mark the beginning of the end of the biggest political party in Africa.  

Nigerians all over the globe are certain that Kano and Lagos are no-go-areas for PDP and any funny attempt tot the contrary would be vehemently resisted by the people. Ogbulafor and his party know too that all is getting over with the biggest political party in Africa, in view of the various calamities trailing it in the country today. This is why our big brothers had no option but to adopt the method of psychological warfare in order to assume that all is well through the use of self defeatist noise makings.  The people of Kano in particular have decided to stay peacefully with their hard working governor Ibrahim Shekarau, come sunshine, rain and thunder. This is because they know that any contrary decision would mean a repeat of the ugly past before the present administration assumed leadership of the state.  

At this juncture, it is axiomatic to still advise PDP to have a rethink of claiming Kano and Lagos and perhaps, consecrate her time, energy and questionable financial resources for the bailing of her prominent figures who are now serving various jail terms for defrauding Nigerians at the tune of N85 billion. This amount alone would have been enough to generate stable water supply for the country. It would have been enough to revive our dead and ailing textile industries that have thrown out millions of people into already saturated labour markets. It would have been enough for road rehabilitation and to turn around our refineries for efficiency and productivity. Rather than feeling ashamed of these horrendous and atrocious calamities, PDP is dreaming to take over Kano and Lagos in 2011, as a 'reward' of her financial rip-off, inefficiency, poor showing and mismanagement of the country's human and material resources for the past ten years. This should be her last trick and therefore, she should pretend to be dead because, I do not think there would still be a breathing space for big barawos, ndi oshi, oles and oyi of oyis and all those nonsense practices that have dragged our country's integrity in the mud.  

Nigerians should be wary of these. They should not fail to rise up to the challenges through the use of their powerful votes as against the useless slogan of "Peedeepee: poverty to the people."  

Saka Raji Audu writes from Kano and can be reached on his email:





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