Nigeria: Now That Malam Ibrahim Shekarau Has Vindicated Me

26 November 2009

By Saka Raji Audu

I laughed, laughed and laughed; having gone through the above titled article written by one Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik whom I have always regarded as a jester and comedian in both his thoughts and actions. I have had the opportunity to read and document some of the malicious publications of Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik against the government and people of Kano state, especially through the various online publications. The first time I got to read Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik piece was the day he took a photograph of sewage about to be disposed of, in Ibo Road, Sabon Gari, Kano and took the picture to the Sahara Reporters, with a ridiculous piece portraying Kano as 'dirty and unhygienic.'  

The second time was when he wrote another piece entitled: "Is it Kano State of Nigeria or Republic of Kano State?" Here, Ndiameeh Babrik attacked Shekarau, Shari'ah and Hisbah and wondered why the Federal Government did not declare a state of emergency in Kano State as it was done to his Plateau State. He referred to Kano as another country of her own, which he posted on the Sahara Reporter website of May, 10, 2009. As if this was not enough, on 20th July 2009, Mr. Babrik wrote another misguided piece against Shekarau under the title, "Ibrahim Shekarau and the 2011 Presidential Election "which he posted on gamji website. In this article, Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik attempted dispassionately to introduce religious bigotry against a state and government that have tried a lot in achieving religious harmony.  

I could not do otherwise but to put up rejoinder to correct Ndiameeh Babrik insinuations and personal insults he heaped on the people's governor for no just cause other than malice and sentiment. Again, on 8th August 2009 in the Weekly trust paper, Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik wrote on "why Malam Ibrahim Shekarau will not win President in 2011" because Babrik said Shekarau refused to grant 80 C. of Os to build churches in Kano as if building churches and mosques are criteria of being a good President in Nigeria.  Because I simply wrote to educate Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik why religious sentiment should not be used as a yard stick in measuring leadership in our hopeless country, he called me all sorts of names ranging from paid agent, benefactor of Shekarau and all sorts of things. 

On 3rd November 2009, one certain Aliyu Dan Gata wrote on "Saka Raji Audu and the blind defense of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau." Having read this article, I smelt foul play and became strongly convinced that the name "Aliyu Dan Gata" was merely used as pseudo name to launch self glorification. I put up a rejoinder to debunk every assertion and claim of the so called Aliyu Dan Gata, and confidently stressed the fact that he (Dan Gata) could not be a Hausa person as he claimed. My curiosity stemmed from the fact that in addition to improper Hausa references, the contents of Aliyu Dan Gata's article had much semblance with the previous ones written by Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik. Some people did not believe me. Some who harbor ill-feelings against my stance on Shekarau and his administration quickly cashed in to vent their venoms. 

The last article the so called Aliyu Dan Gata wrote about this matter was titled "Persecution of Hausa Native Christians in Kano State and Saka Raji Audu's Misrepresentation", in which there is lots of historical distortion about Hausa culture. Although I made my points succinctly clear and promised not to talk about this issue again. I did and have not written about this very issue except on other important matter of national concern. Likewise, I have not heard from the so called Aliyu Dan Gata again either against me or on other issue. I kept quiet, believing strongly that God has a perfect way of exposing dubious men and conspirators.  

Recently, the Kano State Governor, Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau, the Sardaunan Kano was invited by certain Church at the New Road, Sabon Gari, Kano for get-together occasion. In his usual characteristic as a detribalized man of substance, and a leader of all, Shekarau honoured the invitation. At the occasion, Governor Shekarau stressed the importance of religious tolerance and unity among the people of the state in particular and Nigeria in general and nothing else. 

It is in view of this development, which in any case, the Sardauna of Kano is used to, that Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik takes it as being vindicated. What kind of vindication Mr. Babrik is talking about? Vindication, we understand, is like premonition. How many C of Os that have now been approved by Shekarau to serve as vindication to Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik? To vindicate is to prove that something is true or one was right to do something, especially when other people thought differently. What did Ndiameeh think was right of the governor, which was declined but later happened? Had Ndiameeh Babrik ever admonished Shekarau to honour church invitation, which he did not honour but has now done so? 

Interestingly, if there was any one to be vindicated in this issue, it should not be Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik who has been hiding under the façade of religious bigotry to attack the people's governor. It should not be Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik who saw the honour of Shekarau's invitation to a Christian gathering as a certificate of having become a church member. Still, no body is amused of Mr. Babrik's chameleonic u-turn who, acting like a "born again" now sees reason why Shekarau can now win Presidential election as against his various vituperations, having honoured Christian invitation for an occasion, which he did as the Chief Executive and leader of all in the state. 

From the latest article of Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik, we have now discovered the true colour of the so called Aliyu Dan Gata. It is now clear that Aliyu Dan Gata was the same Ndiameeh Babrik who hides under pseudo name to write nonsense of a leader that has done so much for his people. Here is Ndiameeh Babrik's confession. "These are some of the reasons why some of us took the challenge to write about persecution of the Church in Kano and Northern Nigeria generally."This was the title of the so called Aliyu Dan Gata's article, which Saka Raji Audu had responded to.

Ordinarily, Aliyu Dan Gata should be the sole author of the article. But Ndiameeh Babrik has now unveiled to us that it was the hand work of some of them. It therefore goes without saying that Aliyu Dan Gata was just used as a pseudo name to front an article written by Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik and his fellow travelers in Kano. If this is the case, which we strongly believe it is, then, Mr. Ndiameeh has no moral rectitude to tell us any thing because he is a dishonest person. It is only a dishonest person that lays claim to another man's property. It is only a dishonest person who does not trust his words that hides under the cover of a pseudo name to talk nonsense of others. All these are what make Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik's latest piece very interesting.

I had wanted to ignore him. But having a second thought to it, I decided to write and expose these type of hark writers for public to be wary of them. I am happy that Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik has always referred to me in his articles as his good friend. It means that he knows me very well even though I do not know him. But if I have been hiding my identity to write what I don't believe like he does, how would he have known me to the extent of referring to me as his good friend? Ndiameeh Babrik can now see who should hide his face and bury his shame in the sand. He can now see the truth about who is more of a liability than an asset in the clarion call for Shekarau to join the presidential race for 2011. As I said, God has a way of exposing dubious men. 

All these not withstanding, we must thank and be grateful to Ndiameeh Babrik for retracing his foot steps and coming to terms with his conscience about Shekarau's uprightness and being the only leader that now deserves to be voted for President of Nigeria in 2011 if God wishes. Having gone through a dark tunnel, Ndiameeh Babrik has no other option but to see the truth in Shekarau when Babrik said, "with all humility and heart full of joy I want to use this opportunity to thank Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, the Executive Governor of Kano state for…. accepting challenges and being humble", even though it amounts to some high level of hypocrisy, we will give Ndiameeh Babrik the benefit of doubt and watch his next piece after this confession.

Above all, I am the one that can now authoritatively say that I have been vindicated. How? Ndiameeh Babrik and his cohorts had called me all sorts of names for championing the truth in Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau. They mobilized every weapon at their disposal including using pseudo names to blindly criticize my stance. The same people, represented by Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik, have now realized their mistakes because they have now seen the light. They have now joined me in the chorus of truth that indeed, Shekarau is the best material for the country's President in 2011in view of his marvelous achievements so far recorded as people's Governor in Kano State. Perhaps, Ndiameeh Babrik and his cliques, in addition to swallowing their vomits, have also joined the club of paid agents and benefactors of Shekarau and his administration. What is more of a vindication than this? Alhamudillillahi!

Saka Raji Audu writes from Kano and can be reached on his email:




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