Nigerian Politics Ndiameeh Babrik And The Burden Of Truth

3 December 2009

By Saka Raji Audu

Personally, I do not cherish a dishonest writer that preaches truth. Truth and dishonesty are two poles apart and are parallel lines that never meet. A writer who loves truth should not be seen to be untruthful or dishonest. If this happens, such writer will be tagged a "hypocrite" and the punishment for hypocrisy, especially before God is better imagined than stated.

The essence of writing is to champion certain reasonable cause of action. I do not think that some one should write for the sake of just writing. Therefore, writing is either used to support or against a cause or an argument. I do not also believe that any responsible writer worth his or her sort should sit on defence except he or she wants to be mischievous. It is in view of this basic fact that I have always been in support of truth, not minding whose ox is gored. 

In my last response to an article under the title, "Now that Malam Ibrahim Shekarau has vindicated me" by one Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik, I raised some points of moral issue against Ndiameeh Babrik. I stated clearly and very well too that he is not an honest writer because I discovered in his above title article that he was the person who impersonated one Aliyu Dan Gata to write trash against the people's governor of Kano State under a pseudo name. 

Hitherto, I had rightly observed that Aliyu Dan Gata who later claimed to be DANIEL did not exist as person, and what is more of being a Hausa from the native of Kano. Some misguided persons misused the opportunity provided by the online publishers for comments to say all sorts of nonsense things. With patience, perseverance and trust in God, the real Aliyu Dan Gata, alias Daniel later unconsciously exposed his true colour in person of MR. NDIAMEEH BABRIK. This is because, as I said, God has ways of exposing internet fraudsters.  

One expects Ndiameeh Babrik to discharge the moral burden on him by refuting it or explaining how coincidentally he claimed to be the author of an article purportedly attributed to a non-existing person of Aliyu Dan Gata alias Daniel. Because whenever the truth is established, no amount of lies can cover it up. Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik chose to be silent over his imposture in his berated response. If this is correct, which one believes it is, the next question is this. Why Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik, a man who claims to be a member of Pentecostal church indulges in deception, impersonation and lying before the public? 

At a time, Ndiameeh Babrik claimed to be Aliyu Dan Gata. At another, he was Daniel from Kano and he is now discovered to be Ndiameeh Babrik writing from London, U.K. What sort of a writer is this? Messrs Aliyu Dan Gata Daniel Ndiameeh Babrik should know that the worth of a writer is not only on what he writes but also his credibility, just like students' results are based on learning and character.  

As for Buhari and Shekarau, they are trustworthy leaders. The only difference between the two is the fact that one has military orientation and the other went through the rudiment of a democrat. Any of the two is a material for the 2011 presidential election, depending on the people's choice. But every body must not necessarily support the two at the same time. The power of people to make electoral decision shall always prevail. Whatever decision one takes, one should be able to uphold and defend it to its logicality. Ndiameeh Babrik, like any other person, has the democratic and constitutional right to support either of the two or any other person else. Nevertheless, I do not think that Ndiameeh Babrik has the moral rectitude to draw support for either Buhari or Shekarau. This is because, Ndiameeh Babrik, in addition to being a religious bigot, is a bunch of hypocrite who calls kettle black today and will refer to the same kettle as white the next day.  

For instance, two weeks ago, Babrik wrote that Shekarau cannot win presidential election in 2011 because in Babrik's myopic reasoning, Shekarau has refused to grant 80 C of Os to build Pentecostal churches in Kano. Though he did not tell us how many of such churches were built in Katsina by Buhari as Head of State in 1983. Just last week, Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik wrote again to campaign for Shekarau for 2011 presidential election for honouring his church invitation where the governor spoke on the need for understanding and peaceful cohabitation between the two dominant faiths in Nigeria. This week, Ndiameeh Babrik wrote again to say that he is now supporting Buhari. What sort of a writer is Ndiameeh Babrik who believes in one thing today and disbelieve in the same thing tomorrow? This is why we must regard this chameleonic writer as a garbage in and garbage out. 

It is funny that Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik resorted to self glorification by telling his readers how many news media that have carried his articles, which he used as a yard stick to measure his contribution to national issue. This is a mere expression of ego and desperation for recognition at all costs, which is just not important to what development means to the common man. After all, the news of armed robbers and fraudsters are always being published on every electronic and print media on daily basis. Does it therefore mean that the armed robber and the fraudster have contributed to national issue? Who didn't know the late notorious Lawrence Anini from old Bendel State? Has he contributed to national issue? No wonder that when Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik wrote all his nonsense about Shekarau and saw that he did not get the required applause he wanted, he wrote another article in praise of himself and his washy articles under the pen name as Aliyu Dan Gata. Is this the kind of thing he wants us to know as contribution to national issue?  

Ndiameeh Babrik loves Buhari and would like to support him for his 2011 presidential ambition because the later is good. But Babrik should know that Buhari would certainly not be happy if he realizes that one of his supporters as Ndiameeh Babrik alias Aliyu Dan Gata robs Peter to Paul. Whoever likes Buhari should try to emulate his good attributes. Likewise, whoever likes Shekarau should equally endeavour to emulate him. This is how the society can be good for development and progress. It is not enough for us to express our likeness for Buhari or Shekarau while our actions are in contradistinctions to our mentors and models. This is why the Buhari and Shekarau followers should also try to be of good behavior and character. Remember that it is when an individual improves on his attitude that there would be collective change in the society.  

It is also disgusting to hear from Ndiameeh Babrik that he supports the secular gnome that says "the end justifies the means." If this is the case, why are we fighting corruption? The aim of every corrupt person was to get rich at the end of the day. We should therefore not blame those who steal public fund and become rich over night, after all, the 'end has justified his means'. I donít also think that Buhari would like to hear this from Ndiameeh Babrik, no matter the number of voters he has assembled for him for 2011 election. For me, "the means should justify the end." This is the only principle any society can have to be free of corrupt practices and financial crimes. The issue of no permanent friend but permanent interest is an American policy of dominating the rest of the world, which the African countries are being adopted crudely in their politics. It beats one's imagination how comes when the Iraq invaded Kuwait, the American government was so concerned at protecting the Kuwait because it is considered as weak country. But when the same American government invaded Panama, she regarded herself doing the correct thing, simply because as super power, she assumes that no other country can challenge her excesses. Is what is good for the goose, not equally good for the gander? 

Since Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik has boosted his ego by telling us his various articles published in News media as his contribution to national issues, I should follow the same ego boosting by also directing him to check archives to read any of the listed book publications of mine. These books are "Democracy in Nigeria, a Long Search through a Dark Tunnel"(1993), "Remedial English for Qualifying Examinations" (1995, revised 1996), "Dandatti Abdulkadir: A Humble Beginning" (1996), "Sani Marshal: A Pioneer Industrialist, Shahaharen Masanantu" (1997), "Ebira Proverbs: Meaning and Significance" (2000), "the Contributions of Lebanese to the Growth of Kano Business" (2000), "Air travels and Import Manual" (2000) and "My Last Chance, a prose" (2000). Other books of mine are "50 Northern Pace-setters"(2000), "How Shekarau Broke the Kano political Jinx (2007)," Issues in 2003 General Elections" (2003), "Kano Industries at Crossroads" (2006), "Study Skills for Schools and Colleges" (2009), "Malam Ibrahim Shekarau: the Hero of our time" (Volume I, 2009), etc. 

At least, five (5) of these book publications were exhibited at the 9th General Conference of Universities that took place on 13th-17th January, 1997 at Lusaka, Zambia. Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik can now see that before the coming of Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau as the 6th Executive Governor of Kano State in 2003, I had not less than twelve (12) book publications in addition to voluminous articles published by various  national dailies, all to my credit. So, he should stop living under the illusion that I have only written on Shekarau alone. It is never in my character to brag unnecessarily. But, since Ndiameeh Babrik started it, I feel I should also disclose all these to him before he assumes local champion.  

At this juncture, it is not out of place to counsel Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik to always focus on issues rather than expressing sentiment. He should also learn to avoid beating about the bush when writing articles and stop deviating from the topic of discussion. Some of us that stay in Nigeria to face the music, come rain, thunder and sunshine are more patriotic Citizens than the type of Ndiameeh Babrik who think that he can bamboozle us with end credit of writing from London, U.K. We are never unruffled, no matter the intimidation through the use of pseudo names that do not exist.   

Finally, it is a piety that Ndiameeh Babrik uses fake names as Aliyu Dan Gata to write articles. This alone amounts to dishonesty and I shall not respond to any thing coming from Aliyu Dan Gata and Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik again because I never knew that Ndiameeh Babrik can indulge in impersonation. In any case, I have nothing to do with writers that are simply not sincere. 

Saka Raji Audu writes from Kano and can be reached on his email:




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