Ndiameeh Babrik, Saka Raji Audu And Aliyu Dan Gata, Who Has The Burden Of Truth?

11 December 2009

By Saka Raji Audu

The sensible answer to the question is that Ndiameeh Babrik and Aliyu Dan Gata have the burden of truth because they are one and same person, dubiously separated to create false impression. As we know, a liar needs many lies to cover his single lie. Likewise, the more Ndiameeh Babrik writes, the more he exposes his perfidy and ignorance. 

It is also the popular adage that says, "all days are for the thieves but one day is for the owner. Before I conclude to observe that Ndiameeh is certainly a dishonest writer, I had painstakingly checked and cross-checked my facts about his modus operandi. Thus, a man who thinks he has good name to protect should not indulge in a matter that is capable of bringing down his so called reputation. 

In view of the above, I would still want to say that Ndiameeh Babrik is the person who impersonated Aliyu Dan Gata in writing as the latter does not exist in person. This is because of the following reasons: 

        Dan Gata is not a peculiar hausa name and could not be a native of hausa from Kano.

        Ndiameeh claimed in paragraph five (5) of his "Now that Malam Ibrahim Shekarau has vindicated me" that he is the author of  "the persecution of the Church in Kano and Northern Nigeria generally", even though this was the same title and content pupportedly attributed to Aliyu Dan Gata as its author. Hear what Ndiameeh Babrik said in his write up. "These are some of the reasons why some us took the challenge to write about persecution of the Church in Kano and Northern Nigeria generally. The question is how many of them that wrote the article apart from the so called Aliyu Dan Gata. He should name the rest of his members that wrote about the so called persecution of the church in Kano and Northern Nigeria generally in recent time. This is the original title of the so called Aliyu Dan Gata's articles posted on Sahara Reporters website. This is why I put it to Ndiameeh Babrik that until he proves otherwise, he is the sole writer of the only two articles purportedly attributed to a ghost name called Aliyu Dan Gata alias Daniel and now alias Ndiameeh Babrik.

        Why did Ndiameeh Babrik silence over his impersonation charge in his article before the last one? Was he sleeping or was it not a failed attempt to cover up his guilt?

        Why has the purported Aliyu Dan Gata alias Daniel not written to exonerate himself that he exists in person and if necessary produce his picture before the Nigeria Village Square and other online publications where his misguided and impersonated article was posted?

        Why Ndiameeh Babrik has been acting as a judge in his own case? 

Therefore, Ndiameeh Babrik should understand that h can fool his readers but he cannot fool them all the time. This is what an examiner called, "pencil up, down!" aliyu Dan Gata, sorry, Ndiameeh Babrik should simply own up and admit to his impersonation charge. This is the only way he can possibly regain his integrity, if any. 

Hitherto, Ndiameeh Babrik had claimed that some of us that have refused to be part of the ochestrated blackmail against the astute and performing Governor Shekarau of Kano state, have only been writing on the governor and nothing else. Having shown Ndiameeh some of my writing profile, he has now come to see the reality of the fact that all what he claims to have written under the sun are child's play. 

Rather than accepting defeat out of the glaring fact, Ndiameeh Babrik chameleonically turn round to boast that the Sahara reporters online has never published my articles as if doing so, will erase the impersonation charge against him. I thought that a writer like Ndiameeh babrik should be a good reader. This explains why his writing is bereft and replete of correct information. He should have known that apart from the comments I have variously made against his berated articles in the sahara Reporters, the online publisher has had three of my articles posted, which are well documented in his achives. These include, "the true colours of Govrnor Shekarau", "Kano: of Criticisms and Condemnation" and the recent response against Ndiameeh's article purportedly credited to Aliyu Dan Gata under the title, "Saka Raji Audu and the defense of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, which marked the beginning of the present face-off.  

Ndiameeh may wish to use google search to confirm his ignorance. In fact, it beats one's imagination what sorts of information Ndiameeh Babrik, as a writer, dishes out to his readers in view of his ignorance and dishonesty. All these further attest to the fact that Ndiameeh Babrik does not read before he writes whatever naughty things that go to his head. Ndiameeh should also note that it is better to be a reactionary writer with facts than somebody like him to indulge in pseudo writing, attributing his inconsquential articles to a non-existent writer just to create false impression. Unfortunately for Ndiameeh Babrik, no body was impressed at all, in spite of his religious bigotry, animosity and penchant desire for inconsistencies. 

In order to get out of his problem, I suggest that Ndiameehbabrik should author another misguided piece and perhaps credit it to Aliyu Dan Gata or any other pseudo name, claiming that Dan Gata is real and praising Ndiameeh for his smartness. Until he embarks on this shameful option, Ndiameeh Babrik remains an impersonator, whose writing can never be taken trusted and taken seriously by his readers.  

Indeed, Conscience, is an open wound and only the truth can heal it. This is the only way forword for Mr. Ndiameeh Babrik and his burden of truth. 

Saka Raji Audu writes from Kano and can be reached on his email: sakaraj@yahoo.com





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