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How Tukur Mamu Of Desert Herald Impersonates Me - Saka Raji Audu

06 November 2010

By Saka Raji Audu

It is very clear to all that Tukur Mamu of the Desert Herald is a person of questionable integrity and no one should wish to associate with such a man that takes pride in fabrication, distortion, concoction, irresponsibility and impersonating others. Since I discovered the true colour of Tukur Mamu and his moribund newspaper as serial liar that refers to black as white and red as blue, I have been in the forefront in exposing his perfidy, and particularly unraveling their criminal activities against the government and people of Kano State. Indeed, whoever chooses to fight criminal like Tukur Mamu should be ready to be fought back through hook and crook. 

It is also a common knowledge of all that I have deeply written some huge numbers of articles to expose the criminal activities of Tukur Mamu and his kind of newspaper. Tukur Mamu himself and his hired writers have, in many cases than one acknowledged the undisputable fact that my expositions of their criminal tendencies have really impaired their acceptability and reduced their readership to minimal level. As a matter of fact, people have come to understand the true colours of Tukur Mamu and his junks.  The man and his paper have lost readership in Nigeria and those who initially took them serious for a trial have deserted them, having discovered that they are not worth associating with. This explains why he recently gate-crashed his way through his usual dubiousness to President Idriss Deby of Chad to claim false and make-belief 'commendation' for his notoriety in criminalizing journalism, since he and his paper have lost face in Nigeria. Tukur Mamu has so far been arrested four times in Nigeria on issue related to dubiousness and fabrications.  

As part of his unrepentant way of doing things to have a pond of his own flesh, Tukur Mamu has introduced a new method of criminalizing innocent and unsuspecting people, using his criminal paper as subterfuge. It is axiomatic, therefore, for the public to know how he goes about incriminating whoever he tagged as blocking his way of tarnishing the image of good people in the society by debunking and tackling him heads on. In the past, what Tukur Mamu and his paper used to do was to formulate sms text messages and fake addresses and write a commendation letter to himself, which he publishes in his paper to portray as if his paper is being read by people. All these are attempts to cover up his criminalities. 

Tukur Mamu has now graduated from forging letters of self commendation to total impersonation of writers. If one knows that he is not in the good record of Tukur Mamu and his criminal paper, one should never send any opinion article to him for publication because he will simply muddle it up, rewrite the article, put whatever adjectives that please him and publish it with one's name in order to portray such person as if he is also fighting his target. This criminal tendency of Tukur Mamu and his gutter paper was recently extended to one of my articles titled, "WELCOMING MALAM IBRAHIM SHEKARAU EDUCATION FOUNDATION", posted on the website by of October 24, 2010, of October 25, 2010 and also published by the Daily Summit newspaper of October 25, 2010, Daily Triumph of October 25, 2010 and the New Nigerian on Sunday of October 31, 2010.  

Tukur Mamu and his dubious paper are not happy about my series of articles that exposed their modus operandi against the hard working governor of Kano State, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, Sardauna Kano, who Tukur Mamu loves to hate for selfish and primordial reasons. He and his paper rewrote my article on WELCOMING MALAM IBRAHIM SHEKARAU EDUCATION FOUNDATION, and put all their sentiments, dubious opinions and still went ahead to publish the adulterated article with my byline in their current gutter paper edition of Vol. 1 No.80 dated 2nd 9th November 2010. Surprisingly, Since Desert Herald started his unholy war against the people and government of Kano State; he has never published any of my articles that portray the truth about Governor Shekarau administration.  

Happily enough, his readers who are familiar with my articles and style would certainly know the fact that the Saka Raji Audu they know would not author such nasty and idiotic contents of the said article published in the current edition of Tukur Mamu's paper. Mamu and his cohorts will look highly stupid when they discovered that the original contents of my WELCOMING MALAM IBRAHIM SHEKARAU EDUCATION FOUNDATION have been published by five responsible media mentioned earlier. How will Tukur Mamu and his team of unprofessional men feel when they see that the contents of the article they criminally ascribed my byline are different from the original one published by the five media. FOOLS! 

It is no wonder that Tukur Mamu has in the last one year been arrested and detained in the security custody four times. It is not surprising too that the leader of Chad, Idriss Deby was recently manipulated to commend Tukur Mamu for the various crimes he has committed, using his moribund newspaper in Nigeria. The Chadian leader can now see the kind of journalism Tukur Mamu plays, which earns him to be ostracized in Nigeria. Even, the Protection Rights of Journalists in Africa that has been shielding him and lobbying for him fictitious awards has since realized the futility of its alliance with Tukur Mamu and his paper. 

Indeed, it is highly condemnable and despicable of Tukur Mamu and his hypocritical newspaper team to put their sentiments in my WELCOMING MALAM IBRAHIM SHEKARAU FOUNDATION article and publishing same with my byline. This is not the first time such blatant gross misconduct has been exhibited by these unGodly elements in the media. The manipulations of the contents of my original article to satisfy their vaulting and inordinate ambition are cowardly and defeatist act and will never deter the laudable position I have always taken to propagate the truth about the great contribution of Shekarau administration, knowing full well that conscience as an open wound, it is only the truth that can heal it.  

In view of the foregoing, I wish to state that the contents of the article published on page 39 of the current edition of Desert Herald weekly newspaper with my byline do not reflect the original content of the article I authored on WELCOMING MALAM IBRAHIM SHEKARAU FOUNDATION, which was published by the aforementioned five media. Thus, the one carried by the Desert Herald is adulterated, mischievous and jumbled up by Mamu and his allies to satisfy their chronic but diabolic interest. Therefore, I have nothing to do with such mischief.


Saka Raji Audu writes from Kano and can be reached on his email: .




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