SHEKARAU: Memo To ANPP National Delegates - Nigerian Politics 2011

13 December 2010

By Saka Raji Audu

I am writing this memo to you with the strong belief I have in the capability of your noble party to produce the next President of Nigeria, in view of the hopeless situation this great African country has been subjected to, in the past eleven years, by the government at the centre. Although I am not a card carrying member of your enviable party and neither am I a member of any other registered political party in Nigeria. But as a patriotic citizen of this great country, I have always tried to contribute my quota, in whatever little way possible, towards the progress and advancement of my dear country, Nigeria.  

I have been a keen observer of political event in this country, the product of which I have been able to put down into books for posterity to see and judge well. In 1993, I authored the " Democracy in Nigeria: A Long search through the Dark tunnel." The book centres on the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election. In 2003, I also authored "Issues in 2003 General Elections." This book also documents the activities of our political gladiators in the conduct of the 2003 general elections in the country. Since then I have been making contributions in writing, all aimed at shaping the destiny of Nigeria, so that tomorrow shall be better for all of us. 

My dear ANPP delegates, in 2005 I picked interest in the governance of a serving people's governor who happens to be in your party. My interest arose from the fact that the governor was able to repair where others, with equal opportunity, have destroyed. The governor initiated and executed lots of progressive programmes towards the development of his state. Contrary to what the cynics expected, the governor was able to demystify their cynicism by undertaking laudable programmes for the good people of his state. In particular, I was highly fascinated by the conviviality of his human and structural developments, which made the governor to stand tall among his pairs. I am referring to no other personality than the dedicated, illustrious, principled, altruist governor of Kano state, Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau, Sardaunan Kano.  

Since Shekarau took the mantle of leadership of Kano in May 2003, I have, with all sincerity of purpose, been monitoring his deep sense of commitments in the discharge of services to the people of once volatile state as Kano. I have come to see in Malam Ibrahim Shekarau a man of trust, nobility, reliability, principled and God fearing. Perhaps his humble background as a disciplined teacher accounts for his honour and integrity. In spite of what the desperate, drowning oppositions would like us to think about him, Shekarau has remained a consistent, distinguished and detribalized leader whose services are dearly needed for this country to move it out from the present miasma of hopelessness. 

My dear ANPP delegates, we are very glad that the Sardaunan Kano has graciously accepted to be part of the contemporary leaders that want to shape the destiny of this great country by heeding to the voice of reason and accepting to contest the highest position of the country – the President.  His being the first to formerly declare his noble presidential aspiration in the forthcoming presidential election under the platform of your great party, All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP on the 5th of August 2010 shows that Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau does not play hide and seek game where national interest is concerned. It is all in view of this, coupled with the release of the election time table by the INEC that I decide to write this memo to you to solicit your understanding in the big task ahead of all of you and with particular reference to Shekarau for Nigeria project. 

As you all know, this country is seriously in trouble as you can understand from the poor state of things, ranging from insecurity, which has brought about broad day robbery, incessant kidnapping, bomb explosions, etc. What about the unwarranted heavy fall in our foreign reserves, the high rate of corruption, occasioned by government insensitivity to the yearnings and aspirations of her citizens, leading to various avoidable strikes by different sectors in our economy. It is now abundantly clear that the ruling party called PDP has lost bearing in the administration and management of our country resources. It is highly regrettable and unfortunate that after eleven years at the helm of affairs, the country is still walloping in socio-economic and political crises. What is the sense to still put our hopes in PDP that is instigating the division of Nigeria through north and south dichotomy under a façade called zoning,    

My dear ANPP delegates, it is also very painful that even the new opposition party in the name of CPC is now said to be enmeshed in fraud as the moneybags have seized the party machinery because of desperations to get power at all costs, cashing on Buhari's name dropping as subterfuge. Perhaps, you should have read the recent article posted by a popular columnist, Aliyu U. Tilde in some online media about "Fraud, Moneybags and CPC". With all these unfortunate happenings, the country and her good people now look up to your progressive party as an alternative remedy to produce a credible, hard working and sincere candidate for the 2011 presidential election through your primary. It is by doing so that the hope of dislodging the so called biggest party in Africa, PDP and its non performing leadership will be sustained. 

My dear ANPP delegates, you can now see that the country and her people are fed up with recycling of leaders that have lost touch with democratic governance. Between now and January 15, 2011, your party is expected to submit list of your electable candidates that will stand for the 2011 general elections, including that of the presidency. As I have earlier observed and as you can see too, Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau is the only one among the existing presidential aspirants in the country that has carved niche for himself. He has the capability to make the country regain her lost glory. He has the political will to resolve the naughty issues begging for attention. He possesses the moral rectitude to resolve the moral questions also begging for answers. He has the goodwill to drive the country to the Promised Land. Such man of honour and integrity as Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau deserves your sincere support by electing him as your humble Presidential candidate of your great All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP.  

My dear ANPP delegates, by electing Shekarau as presidential candidate of your noble party, the party stands to gain a lot. First, you will be proud that a man of honour and integrity has emerged from your party. Second, you will be honoured because honourable men have allowed honourable person to fly their party flag. Third, Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau has comparative advantage over and above other candidates that will emerge from other party. For avoidance of doubt, you should know that none of Jonathan and Atiku can withstand Shekarau's integrity, hard work and performance. Was Atiku not in the presidency before? What did he do that will make Nigerians to think he can do better? Is Jonathan not the President of the country now? Let him point out one solid achievement that cuts across all strata of Nigerians and which will make them to cast vote for him if Nigerians really want their lives to be improved. Never mind about the incumbency factor, Shekarau has graduated from this old fashion style of winning election. Obasanjo, the political boss of Mr. President did all he could do in 2003 and 2007 against Shekarau as powerful PDP President but Shekarau came out unscathed. After this, who else that can stand Shekarau's way of winning the 2011 presidential election? Even in Kano where Shekarau has endorsed Takai as his successor after due process of democracy, he is not counting on his incumbency factor but on what the majority of good people of Kano want. Therefore, the only presidential aspirant whose political past and present has remained unblemished is Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau.  

Finally, my dear ANPP national delegates, I hope to write you again after your presidential primary to congratulate you for making good choice of Shekarau and not allowing any thing to compromise your integrity and truth. I have always believed in the collective truth because it is only when all of us having the truth that we can genuinely make the society great and progressive. May God, in His infinite mercies, help us to produce leaders that have fear in Him. Thank you and happy presidential primary ahead.


Saka Raji Audu wrote from Kano and can be reached on his email:


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